Transformative Touch Somatic Therapy



Transformative Touch Somatic Therapy is a fully-clothed treatment using gentle talk and touch to open a dialogue with your body as the starting point to explore the Self. The body reacts, responds, and remembers the story of our lives in its structure, muscles, nervous system, and energy. It has been with us through everything we have ever experienced.

In a Transformative Touch session, touch and gentle movement will be used in combination with verbal expressions. Through listening to the messages carried in the body, the intention is to connect the client to the wisdom inherent within.  Your role as a client is to be yourself and allow your body to be a wise resource, ally and guide.

For more information on Transformative Touch Somatic Therapy, please contact Jim or visit the website for The Somatic Therapy Center, (formerly known as Rubenfeld Synergists) where Jim was trained. 


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